You can click on any of the banners below to see more details about each game:

Cargo Carry

This is a fast, slick physics based racing game I made in 2013 for Android. There are a variety of vehicles and levels to race though, and a cool update system so you can improve your vehicles as you race.


The Defense of Lushington Springs

My first published game.  I orignally made it for WP7, but it didn’t do too bad on the market and so I later ported to Android.  It is available both as a free and an ad-free paid version. There are a variety of levels, towers and units and a very ‘gritty’ feel to the game.  Click the banner below for more information:


Downhill Winter Racing

My latest project to hit the marketplace. It is a derivation of Cargo Carry with a distinctly winter theme. Instead of driving with motorized vehicles, you will be sliding down hills performing tricks. This time around I managed to integrate the Google Play Services so as to include leader boards.


Little Robin : Fly Home

A flappy birds clone available for Android devices. See how far you can fly little Robin through the forest and compare with your friends!

City Runner

City Runner was my first attepmt at an endless runner and my intoduction to Android. There are 10 stages, each with a psuedo-random path to try and clear through the city. The controls are very simple and the game is easy to play. Global scoreboards are also available.