7 MOTO X3M Cheats, Interesting Mechanisms and Funny Moments

Play Outside the Box
Here are 7 interesting tricks we’ve noticed while playing MOTO X3M, enjoy!
You can also try these at home! The sixth one has a 1/30 chance of success, and the last one doesn’t take much skill but can be done in about 15 tries.
(P.S. Don’t forget to do these and impress your friends!)


  1. dont like the music or anything in this really except the last thing

  2. In like the 2nd level of winter if you go into the water and return then the town will be devoured by the void.

  3. On one of the desert levels a bunch of barrels blow up and somehow my friend got hit by on and he went flying off the map

  4. one time i used the fast spinning spike thing that flung me to the end of a level

  5. Já joguei esse jogo e gostei

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