I decided to speedrun Moto X3M and barely protected my sanity…

Moto X3M is probably one of the most fun motorcycle games I’ve ever played. There are cool jumps, explosions, and way too many deathtraps. Speedrunning the game, can make me lose my sanity just a bit however…

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Edited by: me 🙂
Watch the world record speedrun here:

My channel generally focuses on a more casual side of speedruns. With these videos I want to show off cool speedruns, explain how they work, and entertain. Hopefully you enjoy the content and maybe even take up speedrunning yourself, because it is truly a lot of fun!

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  1. I speed runned the hole serise in an hour

  2. Just so you know you can do level 18 in 12 seconds by getting hit by the first spinny thing and having it launch your body to the finish line kind of Rng but a great time saver none the less

  3. I swear, you’re just speedrunning all of our childhoods

  4. Seeing this dude play the game gives me mostalgia

  5. In level 18 you can run into the spinning spike thing and it’ll throw you across the map to the finish line, if you get lucky and get it first try you could save about 25 seconds

  6. On level 18 use the second spinner to hit yourself which will propel you to the end. Its a HUGE time saver.

  7. I played this game multiple times, on the 2nd jump on level 18 you can use it to launch you to the end (I got it in with 10 seconds)

  8. It's ft.freddy cute fnaf 5_wgf_FRZ e ale gamer says:


  9. This is completely fake he just does the level til he gets first

  10. no cap I'm actually lefthanyol lol XD not even joking just saw this. I made my run when I was in seventh grade lmao.

  11. I just streamed the winter mode just today on twitch!

  12. soy mas pro me lo re vicie de chico y me lo paso super rapido humilladisimo pa

  13. I found a version with double the levels and the one where you started is the 25th level. You can also change your motorcycle to a green ATV, ninja on a city motorcycle, mnecraft Steve on a green bike, Ghost Rider on his bike, Santa Claus with an arm tattoo, bunny on a pink bike and then some beard guy. And before you ask it's on poki, but it also means it's gonna lag sometimes.

    edit: I found a mobile version with EVEN more levels. It has all the levels from moto X3M, moto X3M winter, moto X3M halloween and moto X3M pool party. Also the beach levels are my favorite, because you can't hit your head to the ceiling and the desert levels kinda suck.

  14. A fun tip in level 18 you could use the spike blades to fling your self all the way to the end

  15. This makes me wonder how he'd do speedrunning Elasto Mania

  16. I’ve tried speed running this game before

  17. Level 18 where there are those spinning things you can fall in the first one and get launched to the finish(or into the void)

  18. Did you know for the annoying level (#18) you can use the spiny things at the start to skip the entire level?

  19. Nostalgia for the good old days where we played coolmathgames after school

  20. There's also a trick on 18. You need to die at the spinny thing at the start. With a bit of luck, the spinny thing will fling you into the finish. This trick is not very consistant, but it is very fast (~10 sec.).

  21. This game without any flips made me cry (internally).

  22. No longer active Account owner has new email says:

    7:50 "You have to get enough height" no you need to do your flips to extend air time and distance.
    Edit: this speed run could have been shorter if you flip at certain points.

  23. bro he says speedrun then gets 2* on a lot of the levels

  24. I play this game at school until they blocked it

  25. I’ve played this so many times on Cool Math Games and it’s for kids, except for all the death and stabbing and exploding

  26. The reason that you die after every time you say that you're doing pretty good is because you get an ego boost

  27. When I was 7, me and everybody in my class was obsessed with this game

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