Moto X3M BONUS map POOL PARTY lvls 1-22 Bike Race Game.

Point of Play (POP)
Continuation of the video series. BONUS map POOL PARTY lvls 1-22

Video review of the game Moto X3M Bike Race Game. This is quite an old game, but very cool. It can hardly be called a game that you will play constantly, for hours. Maybe only the first time, when you gradually go through it, open up new levels and motorcycles. It is quite unpretentious and monotonous, it is difficult to play it for days on end, it can get boring. But at the same time, this game is a must have on your smartphone because it is an ideal game for waiting (a short trip, waiting in line or a restaurant, etc.). For 30-60 minutes, it captures you completely and the time flies by unnoticed, while it does not have time to bother you. This is the game that even when it has passed completely, to which you want to periodically return again and again. Look. Download. Enjoy.

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